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Clinic Forms & Policies for Wā Kamaliʻi Medical

Clinic Forms

Clinic Policies

Please review your provider's policies to ensure this practice is the right fit. 

Appointment Length

Dr. Chun will assess the severity of your present condition at the initial appointment and set time for your category typically from 20 minutes but up to 30 minutes, as required.


As a solo practitioner, Dr. Chun bands with other like-minded providers but does not share patient panels. However, these like-minded providers do provide emergency coverage for one another when away from the office.

Administrative Concerns

The fastest way to reach Dr. Chun is by phone. Calls will be returned at the end of or the beginning of the next business day. For most issues, questions, form completion, prescription refills, etc., please book an appointment, as you would otherwise. No medical issues are discussed outside an office visit.

Insurance or Third-Party Forms

Insurance applications and/or third-party forms require an appointment for completion. This ensures the information is correct and up- to-date. Completion of these forms is an “uninsured service” and, therefore, charges may apply.


Patients will be contacted if results are abnormal. Dr. Chun will also review results during your appointment.


If a patient is more than 15 minutes late, the appointment will be canceled and a fee of $60.00 applies. Please notify the clinic by phone if you are running behind.

Same Day Access

Not all medical issues can wait. Therefore, Dr. Chun offers same-day appointments. For less urgent issues, bookings can be made as much as 3-4 weeks in advance, pending schedule availability. If you need an appointment for an urgent same-day concern and none are available, please contact Dr. Chun directly to be accommodated or see “After Hours Care” for other options.

Pharmacy Care

Dr. Chun recommends patients use one pharmacy for continuity and patient safety. This way the pharmacist is familiar with all of your medications and can catch errors or interactions and even provide prescription extensions. Please bring your pharmacy contact information to your appointment so that it can be placed on your file. Please bring all medications to all visits.

Prescription Refills

Handling prescription refills is a surprisingly time-consuming task. It takes Dr. Chun away from his main priority, direct patient care. As such, Dr. Chun encourages you to look after all your refills in person via appointment. Please endeavor to book an appointment several weeks before your medication runs out. Occasionally (and if you have been stable on a certain medication for a certain length of time), your pharmacist may be able to offer, at their discretion, a short extension on your prescription. If desperate, please have your pharmacy contact Dr. Chun directly at (808) 744-2486 to authorize a refill.

Office Hours & Closures

Dr. Chun is away from the office periodically. During this time, he will continue to answer emails, review test results/reports, and respond to urgent matters.

Services Not Provided

Dr. Chun does not provide narcotic addiction detoxification therapy, medical marijuana, or other controlled substances outside his practice without the concurrent use of legitimate pain management physicians.


Payments for uninsured services or fees can be made by cash or check. There will be a fee for checks returned for insufficient funds.

Missed Appointments

24 hours is required to cancel an appointment. Failure to do so results in a $60 charge. After two missed visits, the doctor-patient relationship will be terminated. Dr. Chun also considers “no shows” to consultant physicians or specialists a violation of this policy. Missing appointments prevents other patients from receiving care and is not tolerated by any doctor.

Termination of Doctor-Patient Relationship

Dr. Chun reserves the right to terminate the doctor-patient relationship as per the conditions documented and agreed to in the “Patient Contract” and documented on this website. They usually include the following circumstances:

  • If he or any person he works with feels threatened in any way by a patient or their family;
  • If a patient has missed two or more appointments;
  • If a patient has not been seen for more than 18 months. Patients are expected to come in for regular screening and preventative health care at least once per year.

If a patient is terminated, they will be informed by mail, phone, or in person. No further appointments will be accepted.

The patient is then responsible to find care elsewhere; Dr. Chun will provide 30 days of care for emergent issues. Records will be transferred for a fee. The most common reason for termination is disrespectful behavior and/or repeated lateness or missed appointments.

In order to provide the best medical care for a family member, a respectful working relationship between the parent(s) and doctor is necessary. If a parent/child is terminated from Dr. Chun’s practice, this relationship is compromised; therefore, it is no longer appropriate for Dr. Chun to care for their corresponding family member.

Teaching Clinic

Dr. Chun is passionate about training the next generation of doctors. He is one of few clinicians who have trained three separate classes of medical students at the John A. Burns School of Medicine’s PBL blocks. He has also had the pleasure of having his students serve as doctors for his children. Patients may, therefore, interact with a medical student, intern, or resident doctor during their visit. All patients are encouraged to be open to the idea of a trainee interaction. You will always get to review after your encounter with Dr. Chun. If you have specific reservations about seeing a learner at your visit, or indefinitely, please inform Dr. Chun of your preference, and every effort will be made to accommodate your request.


Dr. Chun supports and encourages vaccinations and of routine immunizations/boosters to adolescents and adults. We will coordinate the administration with the nearby immunization centers.

Work Leave

Dr. Chun believes work, whether in or out of the home, is an integral part of a person's life, therefore, all requests for short- or long-term disability and leaves of absence will be treated with discretion and vigilance.

Copyright Policy

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Privacy Policy

Any information shared with Wā Kamaliʻi Medical / Wayne Chun M.D. LLC is under certain privacy provisions. Information shared with Wā Kamaliʻi Medical / Wayne Chun M.D. LLC will be handled by our organization and not shared, sold, or reproduced. Wā Kamaliʻi Medical / Wayne Chun M.D. LLC will send personally identifiable information about you to other companies or people when:

  • We need to share your information to provide the product or service you have requested;
  • We need to send the information to companies who work on behalf of Wā Kamaliʻi Medical / Wayne Chun M.D. LLC to provide a product or service to you. (Unless we tell you differently, these companies do not have any right to use the personally identifiable information we provide to them beyond what is necessary to assist us.);
  • To fulfill your requests for certain products and services;
  • We respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process.